what we offer

  • 1. Easy to understand Exam Preparation Study Tools We recognized a need for exam preparation study material that made it more comfortable for students, of all backgrounds and levels of education, to study for and pass the regulatory exams for a new career they wanted to pursue, or required for workplace advancement.
  • 2. Study Guides (Textbook Summary Notes)  All SeeWhy study guides are written by our in-house professional trainers who know the course material extremely well, and are able to help you focus on the key concepts that you need for success.
  • 3. Made for your Success We have come up with a proven, effective study process that works for many of our students and may work for you too.


We have a knack for making concepts seem easy.

After hearing a topic explained properly by one of our trainers, our students often say, "Why doesn't the textbook just teach it that way?". Frankly, we're not sure, so we started our own company!

SeeWhy Financial Learning Inc is a Canadian company located in Huntsville, Ontario. All of SeeWhy Learning's exam preparation course materials and study tools are created in-house by professional, industry-leading, expert trainers and course writers. Online, email, and telephone support are also in-house and staffed by industry and IT experienced team members.

The founders and support management of SeeWhy Financial Learning have over 50 years of combined experience coaching and assisting thousands of students through their financial services education and regulatory exams with tremendous success.

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